Switch now to QENTA products until May 31, 2021

Is the change necessary for me?

The switch is necessary for all customers who currently use the following products:

  • Wirecard Payment Page (WPP V1 / WPP V2)
  • Wirecard REST API
  • Wirecard Batch Processing API over SFTP upload
  • Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP)
  • Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP) Virtual Terminal

The deadline for the change is May 31, 2021. ATTENTION: After this date there may be considerable restrictions.

Why does the change have to be carried out promptly?

The solutions listed above can no longer be supported by QENTA from June 2021. An automated transfer is not possible with these products. We would therefore like to ask you to contact our sales team before May 31, 2021:

  • to receive full advice on which product is the most suitable to the current one
  • to conclude a relicensing agreement
  • to find all your current means of payment and plugins in the QENTA solution

Does the relicensing incur costs?

No, the relicensing is free of charge for you. All changes that QENTA has to make with regard to our solutions are of course free of charge for you. This means that QENTA will not charge you any costs for relicensing. The current inclusive services will also be carried out by us as far as possible. You can find out all the details from our sales team.

Checklist for your switch to QENTA solutions

  • Choose a future product (QPay, QMore, QTill, QFile, QPC etc.). You can find out which one is compatible with your current solution in the illustration below.

  • Are you using a shop system? Our sales team will be happy to advise you which of our plugins make sense for you (e.g. Magento, WooCommerce, etc.).

  • Please contact our sales team to carry out the relicensing. In the course of this, we will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Once the relicensing has been carried out, you can test your solution using the test configuration. Further information and links can be found in the FAQs under point 2.

  • PSD2 / COF – check. Since the beginning of 2021, E-COM payments for credit cards have to be carried out via 3D Secure 2. You can find all information on this here.

Which QENTA solution does your current product replace?

Wirecard Payment Page (WPP V1) – please contact the sales team


Wirecard Payment Page (WPP V2) – please contact the sales team


Wirecard REST-API


Batch Processing API over SFTP upload


Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP) Virtual Terminal


Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP)



1. What role do 3D Secure 2 and PSD2 play when switching

The PSD2 and thus compliant 3D secure and recur payment is fully supported by QENTA.

2. Where can I get the test and live login data for the payment gateway?

Test credentials:
The test credentials can be found under the following links:

QPay Checkout Page: https://guides.qenta.com/wcp/test_mode/

QMore Checkout Seamless: https://guides.qenta.com/wcs/test_mode/

QFile Checkout Automated: https://guides.qenta.com/wca/start/

QCall Checkout Terminal: https://guides.qenta.com/wct/start/

Live-login details: 
Would you like to go live? Then contact our sales team to request your live login details.

How do I open the PDF file with my login data?Simply enter the password on your customer registration slip to open the PDF file. If you do not know your password, please contact our Integration Specialists team.

Registration data for the Payment Page Designer: What do I need to know?
QENTA does not currently offer the Payment Page Designer. Similar solutions are being worked on. We can still offer you the solution via CSS or ZIP. Just follow the links below:

QPay Checkout Page: https://guides.qenta.com/wcp/customizations/

QMore Checkout Seamless: https://guides.qenta.com/wcs/customization/

Composition of the full URL for the implementation
We have good news! The URL has been replaced by a simple domain with different endpoints (api.qenta.com) and is therefore easier to use.

3. Where do I enter my new login details?

The access data are now integrated into the corresponding payment methods. Exactly where you need to enter the data depends on the solution you have implemented:

QPay Checkout Page: https://guides.qenta.com/wcp/start/

QMore Checkout Seamless: https://guides.qenta.com/wcs/start/

Plugin: https://guides.qenta.com/shop_plugins/start/

4. Where can I find detailed documentation of the integration options? Are there any code examples?

For easy integration, you will find the most important links for integration for all solutions here.

QPay Checkout Page

QMore Checkout Seamless

You can find general documentation here:

You can find documentation on plugins at this link:

5. Can I get my reconciliation files as I get them now?

Please contact your acquirer directly to answer this question, as we do not currently offer this service.

6. What booking options are there via the QENTA API?

Please note that, depending on the payment method, only authorizations are carried out via the QENTA API. It is therefore necessary that you post the payments afterwards. There are various possiblities for that:

Please contact our sales team for more information.

7. What does the change mean for my contract?

To get individual advice, please contact our sales team.

8. Do I have to sign an additional contract or documents?

All that is necessary is a relicensing agreement. Please contact our sales team.

9. If I have partners, will they automatically be involved in the change?

All known partners of QENTA have been informed of the change.

10. Who is my contact person for questions in general or specifically about integration?

Our Integration Specialists team will be happy to answer any questions you may have via the following contact details:

EMail: support@qenta.com
Phone: +43 316 813681

Contact us

We are at your disposal under the following contact details.

Phone: +43 316 813681
EMail: sales@qenta.com

Please send us your request and we’re happy to give you a call.

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