Programmable Money & Access

Leading the world to a frictionless and democratized financial ecosystem

Qenta Inc. (“Qenta”), is a financial technology platform offering asset tokenization, multi token wallets and alternative banking, cashless payments, and capital & risk management solutions, uniquely positioned to serve emerging markets. By reducing friction and delivering better access to financial products and services Qenta aims to create borderless and democratized financial ecosystems to elevate global businesses and citizens.

Our Converging Technologies


Qenta brings previously unrelated technologies together in a single platform for easy administration.

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Web 3.0 & Level 4 Blockchain

QOS is a third generation blockchain with throughput of 10,000 transactions per 2 seconds.

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Global Regulatory Footprint

Compliance is in our DNA. Qenta operates under specific licenses and regulatory regimes across several jurisdictions.

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Social, & Governance

Qenta is committed to supporting the UN SDGs and delivering products that promote sustainable growth and financial inclusion.

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